We are an initiative that sees a disconnect between competency and confidence, especially when it comes to personal finance.

It's time for us to start creating an appetite for finance - even if it's outside our comfort zone.

Financial literacy is critical – we all know that.
But it’s still intimidating to raise our hand in a space that perceivably doesn’t include us. When it comes to investing, financial planning, and retirement, it can be very tempting not to take ownership and defer to an advisor. But by hesitating to try – by being overly cautious – we let go of monetary and personal opportunities.

Opportunity begins with acknowledgement.

It's time for us to feel good about claiming our competence.

So many of us end up feeling like a fraud, an imposter, or just lucky. We want to be on top of everything and understand it all. We don’t want to make mistakes that we'll have to fix later.

We need to feel better informed, better prepared, and better qualified than anyone else. But, no matter how smart or willing we may be, inaction will always hold us back.

Success comes from
being self-assured.

It's natural for us to think we'll never get it anyway - so why bother? If we set the bar impossibly high, we’ll inevitably feel inadequate. If we define success as having done everything right, we’ll end up dwelling on what went wrong.

No matter our goals, background, or experiences, when it comes to personal finance –

It's time we ask ourselves why we're underestimating our abilities.

Even when there's a chance you may not know everything, confidence is believing you can achieve the task in mind.

We want

to address confidence on a personal level. In our jobs and lives, we walk among people we assume brim with confidence and act with conviction.

But in reality, most of us are filled with self-doubt.

We’ve discovered that many of us attribute our wins and success to fancy accents or outer beauty. Even believing we were plucked out of obscurity by chance.

Our aim is to change that assumption and celebrate our achievements.


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