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What is stnce?

stnce is movement that encourages women to have honest conversations about finance. Our mission is to inspire women to confidently take ownership of their finances, through open and informative conversations. We do this by fostering an informative and inspiring resource hub to financially empower our community. We believe that everyone benefits when women are self-reliant, self-assured, and well-informed about their financial affairs.

What do we talk about?

When it comes to the relationship between confidence and finance, our research has shown there’s a tendency for women to underestimate their financial knowledge and defer ownership, especially in areas such as planning and investing. At stnce, we strive to bridge this confidence gap.

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable

You might wonder why the “a” is missing from our name. We identify with the power pose of hands on hips and feet wide apart, but at the same time we recognize that confidence is a work-in-progress, and that sometimes, we need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. We also feel that confidence doesn’t require an ego, which is why we keep the “s” in our name lowercase.

90% of women will have to be a sole financial decision maker at some point in their lives
61% of women did well on a financial literacy test
30% of women are confident
Fact 01
Most of us agree that finance is presented in a boring way.

Fact 02
Most of us feel our financial knowledge is insufficient.

Fact 03
Most of us will be the sole financial decision-maker at some point in our lives.

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