Are most of you wondering why the “a” is missing from our name? And why we use a bracket?

We all know about the power pose, the power stance; the hands on hips, feet wide apart, shoulders back, stare-straight-forward attitude. It tells people that we’re serious and in control. It helps us take up space. It’s a state of mind we need to take ownership. And it wouldn’t be what it is without confidence.

Through research, we found there’s a tendency to underestimate our financial knowledge and defer ownership, especially in areas like budgeting, planning, and investing. At the same time, the research also showed that most of us will become the sole financial decision-maker at some point in our lives.

We concluded that there’s a loss of confidence when it comes to financial competence – something missing from our stnce – and saw the need for a platform that makes finance approachable; a resource that makes it relatable.

Let’s [open the conversation.